Wednesday, December 17, 2008

New semester ...

Salamun 'alayk ...

22/12/08 = sem baru bagi sesi 2008/2009 akan bermula. Alhamdulillah, rasa jugak bergelar second year. Dari dulu orang tanya manjang first year aje ... hehe

well, this mean its a WELCOME to

new aims,

new struggles,

and new strategies.

last sem's strategies weren't that bad ... (last minute study) huhu

but I know if I push myself hard a lot earlier I could even beat the best student in the faculty (budget je)

I mean, nothing is impossible right?

talking of last sem, im startin' to think what did I do last sem?

was I a nerd? bookworm? contributing much to the society? family? self?


im not quite sure.

duh~ did I have a wasteful sem,then?


"i've always hated diaries but having a planner would be nice right? I'm getting forgetful of growing younger (if u get what i mean)"

but as they say, there must be something that is truly unable to be forgotten.

and I bet u...

there is ....

our trip to HENRY GURNEY ...

opps, no time left. In my next entry la nampak nya.

until then

... wassalam ...

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