Thursday, June 11, 2009

united in diversity ...

~Siapakah dia yang berani mencuri tenang dan damaiku, lalu menggantikan ia dengan resah gelisah?? Siapakah dia berani merampas hening bening malam dengan huru-hara yang tidak keruan ini? Siapakah dia yang berani mengusik lenaku dengan bayangnya...~

--tiada kaitan dengan entry di bawah--

Salamun 'alayk...

Nothing much to share in this entry...

juz this afternoon in my 3 hour Islam, Knowledge and Civilization class (UNGS 2040)

a brother pointed out a fact which to me is very interesting indeed.

He touched on brotherhood.

He told us that, in Islam, all of us love each other...

but we lack respect.

Therefore, in cases of disagreement we tender to kill our brothers for their indifferences.

For example, the sunni and syiah are constantly fighting each other.

My lecturer gave his view which I think is reasonable and acceptable.

"as long as they pray to Allah, y shud we fight them? There r other major enemies around us. But we only fight our brothers. About their 'aqidah, let them be. They'r not prayin to us. but to Allah. let Him decide"

He concluded that, the westerners, even tho they love themselves more than others, but they are rich with respect.

They respect indifferences amongst them.

This is what Muslims lack.

We must be "united in diversity... not united in uniformity"

celebrate indifferences as has been laid down in Islam...

Agree to disagree on certain things. Ful Stop.

Wallahua'lam ...